7 good reasons to go camping in autumn.

We’ve put together 7 good reasons to go camping in autumn so whether you normally camp in summer or have never camped before, read on. Autumn camping has a lot to recommend it.

See places in a different light – literally!

Autumn landscapes can be stunningly beautiful. Gold, orange, red and brown replace the green of summer and create a colourful backdrop when camping in the great outdoors. Morning mists, spectacular sunsets and starry night skies all add to the beauty.

Autumn temperatures are cool!

Autumn temperatures are perfect for outdoor activities from hiking to running to cycling. However you like to explore, you can add or remove layers to stay comfortable on the trails and feel the benefits of being active. Though it can be warm during the day, at night the temperature will plummet. We’ve written more on cold weather camping in our blog: https://laybakpak.com/cold-weather-camping-tips-how-to-stay-warm/

Sea temperatures are warm.

Sea temperatures are warmest in early autumn (and remain quite warm into mid to late autumn) so it’s a great time to swim or do water sports while you’re away.

Fewer people.

Fewer people at campsites means more space, more peace and easier access to facilities. Also you’re much less likely to find crowds on the beach, the trails or even at the most popular destinations.

Fewer insects.

Whilst you still may need insect repellant especially if staying near water, you’re much less likely to be bothered by insects in autumn.

See more wildlife.

Birds migrating in groups in autumn or gathering in murmurations make them easier to spot. Their aerial acrobatics can be spectacular. With fewer people around and less vegetation, you’re more likely to spot ground dwelling animals too.

Cheaper campsites.

Due to lower demand in autumn, campsites are often cheaper. Especially at this time of year, they offer access to peaceful open spaces and the back to nature experience that is so beneficial to our health.

We’ll be heading out for some autumn camping in the next week or so and of course, taking LayBakPak with us. Sleeping off the ground on the LayBakPak bed is perfect for keeping warm on cooler nights. Plus everything else fits inside the spacious backpack. There’s a lot more information about LayBakPak on our Shop page: https://laybakpak.com/shop-laybakpak-multi-featured-backpack-with-recliner-camp-bed/  and Home page: https://laybakpak.com/




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