Designed for nature.

Our mission is to develop products that make it easier and more comfortable to spend time in nature enjoying outdoor activity. By creating a backpack and bed in one neat package, we’ve made getting outdoors and staying outdoors easy, practical and comfortable.

initial laybapkak design sketches showing bed stored within backpack.

Flexible and functional.

LayBakPak came from an original idea by Jonathan Davies and his early prototypes were functional but basic. Working with British designers helped him develop his initial designs into his unique backpack with a frame that converts to a recliner camp bed. The bag doesn’t have to be emptied to set up the bed and once the frame is out, you still have full use of the backpack and all its features – key to the design. Also the bed is comfortable and keeps you off the ground – essential to the design too. Finding a more comfortable solution to lying on the hard ground was definitely a main reason for creating LayBakPak!

LayBakPak creator wearing his backpack in woodland setting

For the love of nature.

All of my life I have enjoyed being outdoors, and my appreciation of the natural world just keeps growing. My first encounters with nature were with my friends, exploring the countryside, where we built dens, climbed trees and followed animal tracks. As an adult, I travelled to spectacular places in Norway, North America, India and Australia, consolidating my love of adventure. My family share my passion for the outdoors and some of our most memorable moments have been sailing on the sea, canoeing down a river or walking in the hills. Today we need to experience and look after the natural world more than ever.

LayBakPak creator carrying an inflatable canoe on an adventure trip to Norway

The origins of LayBakPak.

So how did my love of nature, adventure and being outdoors lead to creating LayBakPak? The short answer is that I’ve had too many hours lying uncomfortably on a towel on the beach and a thin mat in my tent. I needed a more comfortable solution but it had to be carried easily and not as an extra item. My lightbulb moment was the idea of having a frame within the backpack that converts to a bed. It makes so much sense and is what makes LayBakPak unique. It means you can fill your backpack with other stuff and still have a comfortable bed to relax or sleep on.

LayBakPak creator lying uncomfortably on a towel on a sandy beach

LayBakPak at the Bath and West Show.

We have a few exhibitions lined up for this summer and the first one is at The Royal Bath and West Show, from June 2nd to 4th. It’s the Jubilee long weekend so we’re looking forward to a happy holiday vibe even if we won’t get much time to relax on a LayBakPak lounger! If you can get to Shepton Mallet for the Show, come and check us out…

Royal Bath and West Show poster indicating LayBakPak will be on Avenue B

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Group of people gathered round a barbecue on a beach with LayBakPak backpack and recliner camp bed in the foreground