Gap year ideas – choose your own road.

There are lots of gap year ideas out there and organised programmes that combine work or study and travel. But maybe you’re considering a more independent approach? If so, read on –  I’ve put together some information to get you started. In our 20s, we spent a year in Australia. We organised our own travel and found work. It may need more planning but that approach definitely is still possible…

road stretches ahead towards forest and mountains

Our beautiful planet and our place on it.

For us at LayBakPak, it’s all about getting out to appreciate the beautiful world we live in. So, in our blogs, we’d like to share tips on practical ways to enjoy being in wild places and to tell you about great places to spend time outdoors. But as Sir David Attenborough expresses so clearly in these words, “No one will protect what they don’t care about, and no one will…

View of beautiful planet earth from space showing Asia ann Australia with surrounding seas

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