How you can benefit from the sounds of nature.

I’ve always thought that wildlife encounters are all about what you see. We’ve been lucky enough to have sightings of animals in their natural habitat which have been truly wonderful and awe-inspiring. However I’m appreciating more and more the value of what I can hear (and can’t hear) when I’m outside in nature. So I started looking into whether any clinical research has been done into the benefits of listening…

Girl listening to the sounds of nature whilst sitting on a hill overlooking sea

Cold weather camping tips – how to stay warm.

Anyone considering camping in cold weather needs to spend some time planning for warmth. It’s key to comfort, enjoyment and safety so here are some tips on how to stay warm. Start with your body, from the inside. The average optimal body temperature is 37ºC. Maintaining it will take more energy in very cold conditions and if you’re burning more calories, you need to eat more. Foods that take longer…

Cold weather camping setting with tent in woodland with snow on the ground and sun shining through the trees

Gap Year travel 1980s style.

Back in the day and way before LayBakPak, we had a Gap Year! It wasn’t an organised volunteering, studying or working program. We simply bought plane tickets to Australia and took off – literally. We had some idea of where we would be staying but no idea of where we would be working. It felt like a huge adventure. The first 4 months in Sydney were spent working (3 jobs…

Car driving through stream towards thick forest.

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