Our beautiful planet and our place on it.

For us at LayBakPak, it’s all about getting out to appreciate the beautiful world we live in. So, in our blogs, we’d like to share tips on practical ways to enjoy being in wild places and to tell you about great places to spend time outdoors.

But as Sir David Attenborough expresses so clearly in these words, “No one will protect what they don’t care about, and no one will care about what they have never experienced,” one of the greatest dangers for us humans is ignorance.

Along with enjoying the outdoors, we need to understand our place in the world as well as the impact we have on our planet and the living things we share it with. We’d like to explore ideas on how we can minimise our impact and learn more about nature as everyday people.

Planet earth and the 24-hour clock.

You may be already familiar with referencing the 24-hour clock to appreciate how long we humans have been around on planet earth:

If you imagine a 24-hour clock,

the earth was formed at midnight (00:00);

the dinosaurs arrived at 22:56;

mammals arrived at 23:39;

humans arrived at 23:59.

So humans have been on earth for about 0.07% or 195,000 years of our planet’s history.

Human progress and evolution.

Of those 195,000 years, industrialisation has been with us for about 260 years, and the motorcar for some 130 years.

Improvements in healthcare in many parts of the world have led to increased life expectancy. This has reduced the impact of natural selection (survival of the fittest) so our genetic variation has increased as we continue to evolve.

In harmony with nature.

But, here’s the ‘rub’: essentially we are the same beings as those humans who roamed the plains of Africa thousands of years ago. They lived a simpler life in close harmony with nature. For thousands of years, humans have heard little more than the sounds of the wind, the rush of water, the sounds of other animals and at times, silence.

Sounds of nature.

Our circumstances may have changed but we still need the same sounds of the natural world and sometimes, silence. Finding opportunities to get away from the noise that attends modern life we believe is vital to human wellbeing.

Experience and protect nature.

Our mission at LayBakPak is to develop products that make it easier and more comfortable to spend time in nature enjoying outdoor activity. Escaping to outdoor spaces, occupied by nature, is really important. It’s up to us to protect and nurture those places.

In pursuit of silence.

Just to finish with a tip:

Watch the 2015 film, ‘In pursuit of silence’. For me, it was a real eye-opener.


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