View from LayBakPak bed of catamaran being pulled up the beach
view from LayBakPak bed of sandy bay with rocky peninsular in background
Girl relaxing on LayBakPak bed in tent
Man relaxing on LayBakPak lounger surrounded by tents at Glastonbury
Girl wearing LayBakPak stands by Glastonbury sign at the festival
Girl wearing LayBakPak looks at view down to Glastonbury festival site
Girl relaxing on LayBakPak lounger in London park
Man relaxing on LayBakPak lounger in Park
Girl relaxing on LayBakPak lounger in park
LayBakPak backpack and lounger set up in sheltered area of beach
Girl relaxing on LayBakPak lounger beside watering hole at Arathusa reserve in South Africa
Girl wearing LayBakPak waling past tents at a festival
Man wearing LayBakPak looking out to sea from wooded cliff walk
view of Fort La Latte in Brittany from laybakpak bed set up on cliff
Arriving at airport check in with LayBakPak
Man wearing LayBakPak with rain cover looking across river to reed beds
Girl reclines on LayBakPak lounger on open beach with wooded hill in the distance
LaybakPak backpack hanging from a tree outside a bar
Girl stands at bar with LayBakPak hanging from tree nearby
Girl relaxing on LayBakPak lounger beside outdoor pool
Man wearing LayBakPak as day bag treks through forest
Tarp in woodland setting. Sides pegged to ground and end open.
Tarp set up across rope between 2 trees. Branches block one end of the tarp
LayBakPak bed set up under tarp
LayBakPak bed ready to put away in storage section behind the main bag.
Stall at Greenwich Market with LayBakPak creator lying on bed
Man wearing LayBakPak standing by the river Danube
Man wearing LayBakPak stands in front of the bridge clock tower in Nuremberg
Girl reclining on LayBakPak lounger outside a tent at Wilderness Festival
Sarah settling back onto LayBakPak bed in countryside setting
Child relaxing on LayBakPak bed while adults discuss features of the bag and bed.
3 people looking closely at LayBakPak before describing it as a lifestyle backpack
Lady wearing LayBakPak at Bath and West Show
Visitors to LayBakPak's stand at The Bath and West Show
At Big Sky Hideaway, Dave wearing LayBakPak walking with Em in woods
Camping field at Big Sky Oasis
Two LayBakPak beds set up for sleeping in tent
Girl reclining on LayBakPak bed
Girl relaxing on LayBakPak lounger at botanical gardens with lake in background
Man reading on LayBakPak bed in recliner position
Talking to visitors to our stand as part of LayBakPak's outdoor expo experience
Man trying on LayBakPak backpack at National Outdoor Expo
Man lying back on LayBakPak bed in a woodland clearing
Man sitting on LayBakPak recliner bed using binoculars to scan for bird on the beach
Man wearing LayBakPak backpack walking along beach beside sand dunes
Man wearing LayBakPak backpack looks across sand dunes.
Man wearing LayBakPak backpack looking across the meadow land at Lunt Nature Reserve
Man wearing LayBakPak backpack with fishing gear attached and walking along a river at twilight to go fishing.
Woman on a sandy deserted beach relaxing on LayBakPak bed as a sun lounger
Two people with LayBakPak backpacks arrive at the camping area of a music festival
Man attaching fishing gear to his LayBakPak backpack ready for river fishing at sunset
Two adventure travellers with fully loaded LayBakPak backpacks on tropical beach
Open country setting with tent, cooking equipment and LayBakPak in foreground
Man wearing fully loaded LayBakPak backpack hiking across rocky hill top
Man wearing laybakpak descending rocky path to beach
LayBakPak backpack with bed set up as a recliner beside a river
Looking towards the sun reflecting on the sea on the shore line
Group of people gathered round a barbecue on a beach with LayBakPak backpack and recliner camp bed in the foreground
Man with fully loaded LayBakPak backpack has just stepped off a train onto platform
woman wearing LayBakPak backpack standing beside a waterfall
LayBakPak backpack with camp bed set up alongside it on an open hill side
looking out to sea from coastal path
Two adventure travellers exploring a European city
Laybakpak with binoculars attached on pebbly beach
View from laybakpak recliner of sandy open beach and sea
Man walking along empty sandy beach wearing LayBakPak
Two travellers standing with their LayBakPaks outside ornate buildings in European city
Man wearing LayBakPak walks along path besides lake against mountain backdrop
Man and woman at festival with LayBakPak backpacks

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