How to ‘seize the day’ in the 21st century.

The notion of seizing the day comes from the ancient latin phrase, Carpe Diem, but is it still relevant in 2023? Perhaps mindfulness and ‘You Only Live Once’ (YOLO) offer more modern interpretations of living in the moment?

‘Carpe Diem, quam minimum credula postero.’ is the full saying and translates to, ‘Pluck (seize) the day, place little trust in tomorrow.’ It’s about making the most of what’s around us while it’s here because we have no idea what tomorrow holds.

This might seem hedonistic but rather than continually seeking pleasure, Carpe Diem is more to do with using time wisely and not wasting opportunities.

A snapshot of mindfulness.

Mindfulness encourages awareness of mind and body in the present moment. This may include reference to your surroundings but primarily leads to a state of being in the moment. I have felt the benefits of mindfulness but I’m not very good at it!

Alternatively, Carpe Diem encourages you to be an active participant in opportunities that come your way. These may occur spontaneously or require some planning. For me, actively interacting with my surroundings feels like a more natural approach.

A shot of YOLO.

‘You Only Live Once’ puts you at the centre of living life to the full, often pursuing excitement and fun. Adrenaline fuelled activities definitely can make you feel fully alive, but they’re not for everyone and not always readily available.

Being encouraged by YOLO to take excessive risks or rationalise reckless behaviour are features which might have serious consequences. These don’t apply to everyone of course, but Carpe Diem perhaps is a more considered approach to making the most of every day.

Does Carpe Diem have relevance today?

Doing things you enjoy is beneficial to mental health and this is one element of Carpe Diem.

Another is that we should appreciate the value of every moment and avoid postponing things unnecessarily. It’s about using the present to build the future – even if we don’t know what tomorrow will bring!.

The pace of modern life means that it’s not possible to achieve this all the time but it’s something good to aim for.

Maybe when opportunities do come our way, we value them even more.

From camping to holidays to spending time with people we love, being able to make the most of experiences is what it’s all about for us. When we’re outdoors, a comfortable bed to sleep on at night and to relax on during the day, makes everything even better. It’s the very reason why we created LayBakPak!

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