Laybakpak, the great outdoors and nature.

If you’ve already seen our Origins page you’ll know that, at Laybakpak, we have had a long- standing love of nature and being in the great outdoors. Here’s some of my thoughts about the benefits of being outside- in nature.

Modern life can be overwhelming whether it’s from the demands of work or family; a lack of time or money; health issues or pressures of social media. Maybe all of the above and more! We all need some form of escape or outlet to help us cope. Enjoyment of open spaces, clean air, wild plants and animals, and some peace and quiet can provide some escape.



Early Memories

I remember vividly  a school trip I did as a small boy to what was then known as the Commonwealth Institute in London. One thing that captured my imagination at the time was a model panorama of the east African plains, covered in all sorts of exciting animals: lions, elephants, cheetah, rhino, buffalo , antelope, giraffe and many others.  I just wanted to be there, in that vast space, exploring those exciting places.  In fact, from that moment I always felt comforted in the knowledge that outside the human world that I occupied there was this vast, intricate and varied wildness just waiting to be explored. 


Nature Up Close                                                                                                     

While I have not had anything like the wildlife adventures of Sir David Attenborough, Chris Packham or Steve Backshall, some of the most significant, impactful and moving moments in my life have been as a result of encounters with nature.  In 2008 I want on a whale watching trip.  We were incredibly lucky and saw several different species including humpbacks.  Seeing one of these ocean monsters emerging from the blue depths with its cavernous mouth wide open, so close I could smell its breath and almost touch it, was a moment of magic which still gives me a tingle 10 years later.


Concerns about Animals in the Wild                                                              

The WWF recently published their latest Living Planet report. The report describes a 60% drop in wildlife populations between 1970 and 2014. I read this with great sadness.

Surely we cannot allow this to continue? It’s not just the headline-grabbing species such as lions, tigers, polar bears and elephants that are in decline.  On our own doorstep animals like hedgehogs, newts, frogs and swifts have suffered huge falls in numbers in recent years.

As a race, we human beings need nature in order to protect our own existence.  There are many reasons for this and it is well documented.  Can you imagine a world in which we can only tell our children and grandchildren about creatures called hedgehogs that used to appear in our garden before they became extinct?

I strongly believe that we need nature to maintain the quality of our lives.  We must stay connected with it and support organisations, such as our Wildlife Trusts, who strive to promote and protect it.  Our children need the chance to experience its magic; seeing it on tv or through social media is a poor substitute.

At Laybakpak we want to see people getting out and about. Let’s do what we can to make sure that there is a lot to see and enjoy when we are out there.