New LayBakPak product offer.

New year, new offer. We’ve listened when you’ve told us you only want the backpack. Or you only want the camp bed. For £95 you can get LayBakPak’s backpack only. £150 gets you the camp bed. We love that bag and bed work together in a neat package but we also like options! This way, you can buy the one you want and the other is an option for later.…

Man wearing LayBakPak only

Festival season with LayBakPak.

We’re well into festival season and LayBakPak has had it’s ultimate festival test – 5 days and nights at Glastonbury. One of our pioneers, Maddy, used the 65 litre backpack to carry everything she needed for 5 nights of camping, including food and drink. LayBakPak’s camp bed also delivered! Long days and nights meant making the most of any chance to catch a few hours sleep.  In fact Maddy had…

Girl wearing LayBakPak stands by Glastonbury sign at the festival

LayBakPak is back at Greenwich Market.

Friday 19th May is our next day at Greenwich Market and it’s good to be back! After a very long winter, it’s also great to look ahead to warmer weather and opportunities for getting outside. If outdoors is where you want to be this spring/summer, we’d love to meet you and hear your plans. And you can take a close look at our backpack whose frame converts to a bed.…

Display of LayBakPaks and accessories on stand Greenwich Market

Air travel with LayBakPak.

Our first experience of air travel with LayBakPak was quite a test: 2 long haul and 6 internal flights. These all took place during a three week trip to South Africa. We knew the backpack would have room for plenty of gear as we’d already used LayBakPak many times when travelling within the UK. Plus it had been our main travel bag for a holiday in France last summer. On…

Air travel with LaybakPak showing label being attached to backpack before it being conveyed to hold of aeroplane

Winter tarp camping with LayBakPak.

My first experience of sleeping under a tarp in winter was a very positive one. The forest setting I chose gave plenty of options for trees to tie my rope between. With temperatures of zero and light winds forecast, I opted for the tarp reaching the ground on both long sides to give maximum protection. Some natural insulation was provided in the form of dry leaves on the ground and…

Tarp set up across rope between 2 trees. Branches block one end of the tarp

Sleeping under a tarp.

There can be few better ways of getting back to nature than sleeping with only a tarp between you and the outdoors. We love the idea of optimising time spent outside and because tarps are lightweight, versatile and quick to put up, they tick lots of boxes for us. We first used our tarp last summer. Our set up gave good protection against the rain that was forecast. However on…

Tarp set up across rope between 2 trees. End of LayBakPak bed can be seen at one end of tarp

Christmas at Greenwich Market.

LayBakPak is back at Greenwich Market for two more dates before Christmas. The first is Friday 16th December and the second is to be confirmed. Come and see us for special Christmas market offers. As well as our unique backpack with a frame that converts to a bed, we have super warm beanies and insulated drink bottles.

Stall at Greenwich Market with LayBakPak creator lying on bed

LayBakPak at Greenwich Market.

LayBakPak’s first few days at Greenwich Market last week were great fun. It was so good to be out meeting people again, especially in such a vibrant and exciting place. We’re hoping to fit in a couple more days before Christmas. There’s a lot to browse and enjoy at the market: arts and crafts; lifestyle; antiques and collectables and much more. The team at Greenwich Market actively encourages creativity and…

LayBakPak stall set up for Greenwich Market

Night fishing with LayBakPak by Carl Reader.

Carl enjoys night fishing and as one of our pioneers, he’s been trying out LayBakPak on his sea fishing sessions at Christchurch harbour. Carl’s van provides shelter during the night. He backs it up to the harbour wall so he can fish out of the back of the van. LayBakPak’s camp bed, with the back flat or inclined, fits behind the seats. Carl’s sent us his account of one Friday…

LayBakPak camp bed set up inside a van for overnight fishing trip

Thoughts about LayBakPak from Sarah Beale.

As one of our pioneers, Sarah has been using LayBakPak and she’s sent us her thoughts. Camping is not Sarah’s thing but the recliner camp bed has given her some opportunities to get a few minutes relaxation away from her busy day to day life. Sometimes finding a quiet spot in the corner of a field or wood, lying back and relaxing is just what you need to reenergise. Sarah…

Sarah settling back onto LayBakPak bed in countryside setting

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Backpak to reclining bed in 2 minutes