LayBakPak at Greenwich Market.

LayBakPak’s first few days at Greenwich Market last week were great fun. It was so good to be out meeting people again, especially in such a vibrant and exciting place. We’re looking forward to being back on Sunday 27th November. There’s a lot to browse and enjoy at the market: arts and crafts; lifestyle; antiques and collectables and much more. The team at Greenwich Market actively encourages creativity and originality.…

LayBakPak stall set up for Greenwich Market

Night fishing with LayBakPak by Carl Reader.

Carl enjoys night fishing and as one of our pioneers, he’s been trying out LayBakPak on his sea fishing sessions at Christchurch harbour. Carl’s van provides shelter during the night. He backs it up to the harbour wall so he can fish out of the back of the van. LayBakPak’s camp bed, with the back flat or inclined, fits behind the seats. Carl’s sent us his account of one Friday…

LayBakPak camp bed set up inside a van for overnight fishing trip

Thoughts about LayBakPak from Sarah Beale.

As one of our pioneers, Sarah has been using LayBakPak and she’s sent us her thoughts. Camping is not Sarah’s thing but the recliner camp bed has given her some opportunities to get a few minutes relaxation away from her busy day to day life. Sometimes finding a quiet spot in the corner of a field or wood, lying back and relaxing is just what you need to reenergise. Sarah…

Sarah settling back onto LayBakPak bed in countryside setting

From prototype to finished LayBakPak at the New Forest Show.

Our final county show this year is in the New Forest¬† It’s a special one for us as in 2019 we exhibited there with a prototype (see below). As LayBakPak is a unique product, we wanted to find out if people liked the idea of a backpack whose frame converts to a bed. Plus we had lots of other questions! Before filling in our questionnaire, many people tried out our…

LayBakPak backpack alongside LayBakPak camp bed set up as a lounger

Lifestyle backpack label for LayBakPak.

‘It’s a lifestyle backpack!’ When we heard this description of LayBakPak at the Devon County Show, it definitely resonated with us. Why? It aligns with our belief that our backpack can be used to carry what you need for a range of outdoor activities plus you have the option of a bed to sleep or relax on. And? It sums up our aim which is to make it easier and…

3 people looking closely at LayBakPak before describing it as a lifestyle backpack

It’s a dog’s life on LayBakPak.

Mavis the dachshund knew exactly where she wanted to go and was set for a day of relaxation instead of hours of walking round SEAS, our most recent show. It made a great start to our day too! Our show experience has been very positive which is just as well as we have two more shows on the horizon: to Exeter next week for the Devon County Show and then…

Dachshund puppy sitting on LayBakPak bed

Show update.

A big thank you to everyone who visited our stand at The Bath and West Show. Your support and enthusiasm for LayBakPak definitely kept us going over the 3 days – it was great to see you all. The forensic approach many of you took to guessing the weight of a fully loaded LayBakPak was truly impressive! LayBakPak at the South of England Show. It’s a quick turnaround for us…

Visitors to LayBakPak's stand at The Bath and West Show

LayBakPak at the Bath and West Show.

We have a few exhibitions lined up for this summer and the first one is at The Royal Bath and West Show, from June 2nd to 4th. It’s the Jubilee long weekend so we’re looking forward to a happy holiday vibe even if we won’t get much time to relax on a LayBakPak lounger! If you can get to Shepton Mallet for the Show, come and check us out…

view of LayBakPak showing adjustable back system and hip belt

Thoughts about LayBakPak from Dave Cornthwaite.

First a few words about Dave Cornthwaite. He’s a writer, speaker, filmmaker and adventure traveller. His approach to life as well as to adventure travel has led to some unusual journeys. Expedition 1000. Paddleboarding down the Mississippi River and skateboarding across Australia are two of the journeys of 1000 miles (or more) that Dave has undertaken for his Expedition 1000 project. Other means of travel across 1000 miles plus have…

At Big Sky Hideaway, Dave wearing LayBakPak walking with Em in woods

LayBakPak’s Outdoor Expo experience.

This was the first National Outdoor Expo and it offered an immersive experience to anyone interested in a range of outdoor activities. Our stand was right next to the climbing wall and directly opposite the top of the zip wire so LayBakPak’s Expo experience was pretty immersive too! LayBakPak on show. Many people visited us, wanting to see how LayBakPak works and test it out. Two unique aspects of LayBakPak…

Talking to visitors to our stand as part of LayBakPak's outdoor expo experience

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Backpak to reclining bed in 2 minutes