Air travel with LayBakPak.

Our first experience of air travel with LayBakPak was quite a test: 2 long haul and 6 internal flights. These all took place during a three week trip to South Africa.

We knew the backpack would have room for plenty of gear as we’d already used LayBakPak many times when travelling within the UK. Plus it had been our main travel bag for a holiday in France last summer.

On all our upcoming flights, LayBakPak would be checked in as hold luggage so it needed a cover as protection. We’ve seen how luggage gets thrown around!

Taking LayBakPak as hold luggage.

Our cover to protect LayBakPak in the hold comprised of its rain cover plus a second rain cover (available as an accessory on our shop page) and two lockable straps.

One rain cover on the front and a second on the back of the backpack covered the bag completely. In fact, the covers overlapped giving two layers of protection on the sides. The two lockable straps held everything securely in place. It was a quick way to add a cover to LayBakPak.

From baggage retrieval to walking out of the airport with backpack on back was quick too. Once they were off, we stored the rain covers and straps in the rain cover pocket on the front of the bag.

With a cover for protection, LayBakPak arrived at each destination in perfect condition. Not needing a trolley meant we could get out of the airport as quickly as possible!

Using LayBakPak as a travel bag.

We made good use of all the backpack features but found two particularly useful for travel.

The first was the optional internal separator. We zipped it up and used the bottom section for dirty clothes.

The second feature was the internal straps. They were brilliant at keeping clothes in place when we were travelling around.

An extra bonus was being able to half unzip the main front opening pocket and spot my fleece inside when we arrived back in the UK – I really needed it!

Having a travel bag with the option of a recliner camp bed meant that when we went to the beach, we could walk to a quiet spot and set up our own lounger. For treks, we left the bed behind and used the backpack as a day bag.

LayBakPak functioned really well as a travel bag for air travel. Plus we made the most of its versatility by using it as a day sack, beach bag and lounger during our stay.

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