From prototype to finished LayBakPak at the New Forest Show.

Our final county show this year is in the New Forest

It’s a special one for us as in 2019 we exhibited there with a prototype (see below).

As LayBakPak is a unique product, we wanted to find out if people liked the idea of a backpack whose frame converts to a bed. Plus we had lots of other questions!

Before filling in our questionnaire, many people tried out our backpack and recliner camp bed .

Questionnaire and feedback.

We asked about design and comfort, places/activities for using LayBakPak and for opinions – good and bad.  There was also a question about where improvements could be made.

We had a fantastic response including some observations and suggestions that we took on board when working with our bag designer.

LayBakPak design improvements.

The following were all suggested in the questionnaires and are now incorporated in LayBakPak:

  • the backpack opens like a suitcase so it’s easy to find what you want;
  • secure pocket (inside the backpack);
  • divider in rucksack (it’s there if you need it but can be removed);
  • better quality fabric, zips and pockets;
  • outer cover for rain showers (rain cover is stored in its own bag in the main front pocket);
  • daisy chain and pole loops;
  • smaller daypack (internal and external compression straps reduce the backpack to a day bag);
  • lighter bed frame (much of the frame is carbon fibre to reduce overall weight).

We also received some great ideas for accessories.

Many thanks to everyone who took such an interest at the 2019 show. You helped us to develop our prototype into the smarter, more versatile and functional product we have today.

We hope to welcome you to our stand on Northern Avenue along with other visitors to the show.

LayBakPak prototype 2019

LayBakPak prototype 2019 – come and see how it looks now!

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