Lifestyle backpack label for LayBakPak.

‘It’s a lifestyle backpack!’

When we heard this description of LayBakPak at the Devon County Show, it definitely resonated with us.


It aligns with our belief that our backpack can be used to carry what you need for a range of outdoor activities plus you have the option of a bed to sleep or relax on.


It sums up our aim which is to make it easier and more comfortable to spend time outdoors in nature.


The lifestyle backpack phrase was coined by an Australian visitor to our stand.

He talked about how, along with his family and friends, he loves getting out and staying out in the bush or mountains.

A close look at LayBakPak’s internal capacity and features, including the bed, convinced him that our backpack would be perfect for an active outdoors lifestyle.

Getting outdoors is a lifestyle choice for an increasing number of people.

If it’s your choice too, LayBakPak might be just what you need!

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