Night fishing with LayBakPak by Carl Reader.

Carl enjoys night fishing and as one of our pioneers, he’s been trying out LayBakPak on his sea fishing sessions at Christchurch harbour.

Carl’s van provides shelter during the night. He backs it up to the harbour wall so he can fish out of the back of the van. LayBakPak’s camp bed, with the back flat or inclined, fits behind the seats.

Carl’s sent us his account of one Friday evening.

Night fishing set up.

“Two rods were set up on the stand fishing out in the harbour run with the tide coming in.”

Once everything was in place to start catching fish, Carl set up the LayBakPak camp bed: ” Setting up the LayBakPak is so easy, fitting together without fuss. With its compact footprint, it fitted into the back of the van lying flat with the sleeping bag on top.”

During the night, the recliner feature of the bed meant that Carl could watch his rods from the comfort of his van: “The adjustable back allows you to set the bed to suit your needs for the session.”

Overnight fishing session.

“The night session went well with a few sea bass being caught and an evening supper of fish and chips from the local shop. The bed was so comfortable and easy to get in and out of while fishing throughout the night.”

“In the morning, packing the bed away is so straight forward with all pieces fitting into the neat storage design of the bag.”

Using LayBakPak as a fishing bag.

On his fishing trips, Carl uses LayBakPak’s backpack to carry his kit. This includes his sleeping bag, fishing reels, tackle, bait, flask and food. “With the chair being stored as part of the rucksack, it’s perfectly contained. This allows all my other fishing items to be stored as one package.”

And we loved his final comment: “Being able to store all your kit in one bag while on the go is a real plus.”

Taking everything he needs in the backpack plus having a comfortable bed is really working for Carl. Here at LayBakPak, we’re delighted!

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