LayBakPak’s Outdoor Expo experience.

This was the first National Outdoor Expo and it offered an immersive experience to anyone interested in a range of outdoor activities. Our stand was right next to the climbing wall and directly opposite the top of the zip wire so LayBakPak’s Expo experience was pretty immersive too!

LayBakPak on show.

Many people visited us, wanting to see how LayBakPak works and test it out.

Two unique aspects of LayBakPak caused a lot of interest: The first was the bed stored in its own envelope behind the main bag. When we showed this to our visitors, they could see first hand that you don’t need to unpack to set up the bed and can continue to use the bag. We loved the reactions to this!

Secondly seeing a full size bed come out of the backpack literally caused amazement at times.

We knew the bed was comfortable to lie on and that the backpack (even with the bed inside) feels comfortable and lightweight on the back. The many comments of people who tested out LayBakPak were great endorsements for us, not least that everything was much lighter than they expected.

Moreover the fact that we have created a versatile, functional and high quality product was consistently reflected in the feedback we received.

To all our visitors, a big thank you!


For any new product, it’s essential to build awareness. The National Outdoor Expo gave us the opportunity to showcase our LayBakPak. Also it was great to connect with many other people who share our love of nature and outdoor activity.

We’re now taking orders ahead of spring/summer and look forward to seeing people enjoying the great outdoors with their LayBakPak.

Why rough it?

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