Sleeping under a tarp.

There can be few better ways of getting back to nature than sleeping with only a tarp between you and the outdoors. We love the idea of optimising time spent outside and because tarps are lightweight, versatile and quick to put up, they tick lots of boxes for us.

We first used our tarp last summer. Our set up gave good protection against the rain that was forecast. However on drier nights, it’s great to lift the tarp higher and feel more air circulating.

Sleeping under a tarp in winter.

As for sleeping under a tarp in winter, it’s going to expose you more to the cold than camping in a tent. In temperatures below freezing, we’ve managed to stay warm and comfortable in our tent by using well insulated gear and of course sleeping off the ground on our LayBakPak beds!

The plan is to camp out under the tarp some time this month.

We’ll look for a sheltered spot among trees, use the tarp as a wind shield if needed and peg the sides to the ground. We can add an extra layer of insulation by filling the space between the bed and groundsheet with our backpacks, an old rug or blanket and anything else we can find!

We’ll let you know how we get on…

In the meantime if you have any tips, we’d love to hear them.

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