Thoughts about LayBakPak from Dave Cornthwaite.

First a few words about Dave Cornthwaite. He’s a writer, speaker, filmmaker and adventure traveller. His approach to life as well as to adventure travel has led to some unusual journeys.

Expedition 1000.

Paddleboarding down the Mississippi River and skateboarding across Australia are two of the journeys of 1000 miles (or more) that Dave has undertaken for his Expedition 1000 project. Other means of travel across 1000 miles plus have included cycling, swimming and sailing. There are to be 25 journeys in total and Dave will use a different method of non-motorised transport for each. He’s completed 15 so far so definitely is on track to reach his target of at least 25,000 miles.

Big Sky Hideaway.

Dave’s deep appreciation for the outdoors underpins everything he does, not least at Big Sky Hideaway camp site and environmental/renewables project in Lincolnshire which he runs with Em.

It’s in the beautiful surroundings of Big Sky Hideaway that Dave has been trying out LayBakPak and he’s sent us his thoughts about our backpack plus bed.

Initial comments.

First he told us that years of adventure have taken their toll on his back. As a result, he now jumps at the opportunity to find an alternative to a thin, noisy sleeping mat when camping outdoors. And… that LayBakPak is the answer!

In Dave’s own words:

‘Lightweight enough to carry into the countryside with other necessary gear and designed in a really well made bag.’


‘I’ve started to test out the LayBakPak. No overnights yet, but the bag is really useful and I’m impressed with how much I can stuff in there!’

Recliner camp bed.

‘I’m always amazed how lightweight some of the parts look and feel but once it’s all put together the LayBakPak is strong and sturdy – so far a super balance between lightweight and durable.’

‘And an added bonus, a chair is a luxury in a wild camping spot and the LayBakPak doubles up as both seat and bed. Perfect.’

We know things are pretty full on at Dave’s Big Sky Hideaway so it’s great to hear his first impressions. Hopefully there’ll be opportunities to try out LayBakPak some more. We know he’s enjoyed an occasional lounge on the bed already!

Photo by Gemma Brunton

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