Thoughts about LayBakPak from Sarah Beale.

As one of our pioneers, Sarah has been using LayBakPak and she’s sent us her thoughts.

Camping is not Sarah’s thing but the recliner camp bed has given her some opportunities to get a few minutes relaxation away from her busy day to day life. Sometimes finding a quiet spot in the corner of a field or wood, lying back and relaxing is just what you need to reenergise.

Sarah was pleasantly surprised at how easy the bed was to put up. She’s used it as a chair as well as a lounger.

Using the backpack.

Sarah noted the how much adjustability there was in the bag. She’s finding it very practical with lots of pockets. Plus the well padded shoulder straps and hip belt make the bag very comfortable to carry.

We’re taking on board her suggestion that adding some reflective material to the bag would make it more visible for people using it at night.

Thanks Sarah.

If you have photos of LayBakPak being used in the great outdoors, we’d love to see them. Please email them to us via our Gallery page.



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