The story of the world’s first backpack with integral camp bed/recliner

All of my life I have loved the outdoors.

LayBakPak - The world’s first backpack with integral camp bed/recliner Origins

All of my life I have loved the outdoors. My early years were spent in a large, industrial city where there was little opportunity to experience nature. Then, aged 10, my Father’s work took us to the country and my awakening to the joys of the countryside and its natural inhabitants began.

I would spend days in the fields and woods, with my friends and our dogs, immersed in various adventures: den-building, tree climbing, tracking animals and fishing; absorbing the wonderful variety of animals and plants that we share our planet with.

In later years, as I travelled further afield to spectacular places in Norway, North America, India, Australia and elsewhere, my early love of nature and adventure was consolidated and confirmed.

One of the images that has had the greatest and abiding impacts on me personally was a photograph of earth taken by one of the early Apollo missions: a beautiful, jewel of a sphere bathed in the sun’s rays, with vast areas of deepest blue and verdant green across its surface.

This planet is our home and possesses everything we could possibly ever need, a place with almost endless mystery and new things to discover. Above all, I believe it’s a place to cherish and protect.


My wife shares my passion for adventure and the natural world. When we had children of our own we were very keen for them to experience nature and adventure as they grew up. So we went for countless walks in the countryside and on the coast. We climbed mountains and canoed rivers; we sailed on lakes and seas. We went fishing and snorkeled. They too have an ingrained love of the outdoors. Some of the most memorable moments have been spent close to nature, on a river, by a lake or on a mountain.

Above all we believe that we need to preserve the richness and diversity of nature because it feeds our very souls. Without nature to sustain us we become lesser beings.

Naturalists tell us that the health of the natural world is indicated by the presence of top predators: lions, tigers, jaguars, polar bears, great white sharks, sea eagles. To that list we can add the grizzly or Kodiak bears of the northern forests. We stand in awe of these magnificent creatures that epitomize the magic of the wild.

With that in mind, we chose a sleeping grizzly bear for our logo. Our aim of bringing comfort to our outdoor adventures being symbolized by this wonderful animal reclining in comfort.

LayBakPak - The world’s first backpack with integral camp bed/recliner Origins
LayBakPak - The world’s first backpack with integral camp bed/recliner Origins

When I am out and about, I need a bag that will carry everything I need. Why not include a bed that is comfortable and keeps you off the ground?

For years I lay on a towel on the beach and slept on a thin mat in my tent, thinking there must be a more comfortable way of doing this.

Then the idea of a rucksack frame that converts in to a bed came to me. One of our children came up with the name that eventually morphed into ‘LayBakPak’.

It has taken over three and a half years, working with several British designers, to arrive at the design we are launching in late 2018.

Not only does the LayBakPak provide the option of a full sized recliner, but the frame, when in the bag, gives the carrier a large volume, low depth bag which supports (large) weight(s) in comfort and balance- a big improvement on deep bags with rolled up mats dangling beneath.