Post Kickstarter news

Yes we were a bit disappointed with the outcome of our Kickstarter campaign (failing to meet an adventurous target) but the process did yield some very useful feedback on the LayBakPak which will help us to make it an even cooler product than it already is.

We received some great publicity in both local newspapers (thanks to the Bury Free Press and the EADT) and on local radio (thank you to Lesley Dolphin) as well as in online articles in several countries including the US, Denmark, The Netherlands and of course here in the UK-special thanks go to Camping with Style, Campfire Magazine and The Outdoor Guide team.

In the press and among people who have tried it, the LayBakPak concept has been described as ‘clever’, ‘innovative’, ‘amazing’ ‘unique’, ‘great’ and we have had many other positive comments about our multifunctional backpack, especially about the comfort of the bed and the ergonomic design of the bag.

Yet we know we have a few issues to resolve and that is where our focus is now; we are using comment and feedback to refine and expand the LayBakPak product range.

Thank you again to everyone who pledged to buy LayBakPak on Kickstarter-we believe we’re going to come up with some even better options so keep checking in for updates!