Update on our Kickstarter campaign

We have a great product- we know that.

The key to Kickstarter is to make sure enough people are aware of the campaign.

We have had some great support from friends and family.

Our press coverage has continued to grow.

Since our last post we have had good coverage in the Trend Hunter, Campfire Magazine, The East Anglian Daily Times and The Outdoor Guide.  Holly Brega a member of The Outdoor Guide team with a love of hiking and camping said of the LayBakPak ‘ ..it certainly ticks all the boxes for walkers, fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts looking for that extra bit of comfort.’

We are looking, on a daily basis, to find new ways to spread the word.

What is important is to ensure we emphasise that the LayBakPak is a new breed of backpack.  It is not ultra light weight because it offers so much more- a frame that becomes a comfortable bed in 2 minutes; a large slim-profile bag that carries all your gear and allows easy access to it; a shape that holds the load close to your back and hips making even heavy loads feel comfortable.

To illustrate the point earlier this week I loaded the LayBakPak up with over 50 lbs and did a steep climb up High Peak in the Derby Dales.  It was really comfortable.

For a taste of my climb go to https://youtu.be/7bGSm14ax9w